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From the muse : A slow swell

It was mid-February 2020. We had been rehearsing for The Breath and The Clay conference to take place in North Carolina in March. We washed our hands in between run-thrus and talked about the mystery surrounding this new virus that was inevitably its way into our country. So young and naive.

March 3rd ushered in a swift and roaring wind that ripped through the Nashville midnight sky like the Tasmanian Devil. As our neighbors joined arms to help each other lay a new foundation for life, the whole country was heading into lock down and isolation. The studio doors closed indefinitely. Nothing was to be expected or certain. Thankfully, creative thinkers of the world have found new ways of doing and being as beautiful collaborative works have grown from this unfamiliar terrain.

The opportunities we approached as a company this year were outstanding, and remained so. As summer passed...

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