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Writing from our scholarship recipient



Winter is slowly coming to an end. I have to say, I am quite happy that spring is nearby. The snow that we have gotten this winter has been great, but I’m ready for warmer weather and blooming flowers.

Because of the recent time change, the sun doesn’t go down as soon which makes me happy because there is one more hour to enjoy the outdoors in the light. Although, I wish there was another hour of light in the morning because I find it hard to get myself out of bed when it’s still dark outside. But that won’t be happening very soon because I’ll be on spring break. Which means, I am free to sleep in as long as I want. But once spring break is over, I will be working hard to get ready for exams, and I’m sure the teachers will be too. Then it’s going to be summer!

Feeling the warmth in the air reminds me that summer is approaching slowly but surely. This makes me very joyful because I like the sun, flowers, and being able to go outside without freezing. In the spring I like to go on long walks because it’s the perfect temperature and so beautiful outside. Also, I find that once spring comes, people’s moods become brighter. The changing of seasons is kind of like a new beginning or a new perspective on things, which everyone needs once in a while. It is also good to have a change. I think if everything stayed the same all the time life would be boring. It will definitely be a nice change of scenery and mood for me. It has been a really good season, but I am so ready for spring!

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