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Writing from our scholarship recipient



Alone. It might sound like an unpleasant or depressing thing, but it isn’t when you are dancing. Because when she is dancing that feeling of loneliness goes away, and it is her and the music– it is the most amazing thing.

When she is dancing alone she feels like she can just let go. It is a great feeling. Not caring about anything around her. Just dancing. When she dances alone she often finds herself getting lost in the music. The music fills her head and she no longer has control of her movements. The music starts to move her.

Together. It is a pleasant word. Usually when people are together they are happy. When she dances with other people their movements turn into one. Their movements start to flow together. It is a very good feeling. A feeling that she never gets tired of.

When she is performing she feels something that is hard to describe. Knowing that people are watching her, but she can’t see their faces. The heat of the lights, the noise of the crowd, the pounding beat of the music– this is what drives her crazy in the most beautiful way possible.

If she could dance anywhere in the entire world it would be in the studio where she dances every week. She would turn the lights off and just let go. She would dance there because it is the place that feels like home. It is where she feels comfortable. She would dance alone with no one else in the room or even in the building because sometimes when other people are watching her up close, even if she is not on stage, she finds herself holding back a little. She doesn’t really know why.

She often finds herself dancing around her house when she is bored. Bumping into the kitchen table, the couch, and just about every piece of furniture in her house. It amazes her how much time goes by when she is dancing and how much she does it without realizing. Dance always seems to be there no matter what she is doing.

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