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Writing from our scholarship recipient



As she walks into a giant room with mirrored walls, she finds

herself entering a new world. A world where everything

disappears. Where she feels an odd sense of security. Ever since

she was a little girl this is how she felt. Letting the music fill her

head. Trying new things. Moving freely without a care in the

world. There is just something about it that she loves. As she

twirls, leaps, bends, and twists, she finds herself getting lost in the


A place where she watches the little girls in their pink skirts,

and tiny ballet slippers. How their eyes glow as they watch the

older girls. That was her only a few years ago. Watching them do

what seemed like a million turns. Wanting to be just like them

when she grew up.

This is still her today. Still looking up at people in

amazement wanting to be them. Only now people are doing the

same to her. When they tell her that they look up to her, it pushes

her harder to be better. When someone tells her that she has

grown so much, it makes her strive to do even more.

When she watches people dance she gets chills. It is that

indescribable feeling in her that she lives for. It is like someone

has locked up all of her emotions into to a bottle. Then all of the

sudden the bottle explodes and all of her emotions are

released into her movements.

This place with mirrored walls is where she likes to spend

her free time. Some people think that she is crazy for wanting to

be there so much. They just don’t understand that for her it feels

like home. A happy place to escape from everything that is going

on in her life. This is the place that she likes to call home.

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