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numinous flux dance company 



lost for words

Concept and Choreography by Laura Valentine

Co-written by Hannah McCarthy, Laura Valentine, Tom Valentine 

Script by Hannah McCarthy

With writing by T.S. Eliot and Emily Dickinson 

Narrated by Tom Valentine

Assistant Direction by Raeana Russell 


Character development and structured improvisation from cast members


Tom Valentine as The Dreamer

Raeana Russell as Memory

Hannah McCarthy as La Femme 

Lexie Streeter as Two Faces

Barbara Babcock as A Portrait

Gracyn Preston as Old Lace 

Mimi Burrow as The Passenger

Erin Smith as Mere

Brittany McKusick as The Seer

Tim Grindstaff as The Hiker

Bethany Bauman as The Sound

The Earth as herself


Stage Managing Assistance by Raeana Russell and Mimi Burrow 

Photography by Josh Kranich and Betsy Phillips

Rehearsal space provided by Artistry in Motion Dance Center, and Jeff Fisher 

Costume alterations by Jennifer Russell 


With music from 

Bethany Bauman
Colin Hay
The Righteous Brothers
Yann Tiersen
Frédéric Chopin
Ludwig van Beethoven
Jeff Buckley
Jacques Brel 


Thank you to the following people for your generous support!

Paul and Kym Stanley

Renee Askew

Odie Joseph

Kathy McCarthy

Bernie Lieske

Tim Cheek

Judy Madewell

Kalai Russell-Currie

Jennifer Russell

Ferguson Dale

Ginger LePage

Brie Barnett

Karen Valentine


Darbey Rutledge

Martha Peiffer

Ranie Jones

Ferguson Dale 

Karli McKay

Josh Vaillancourt 

Alex Murphy

David Peiffer

Tim and Kathryn Grindstaff

Art and T Scarazzo

Katie Breland

Whitney Gorbett

Rachel Delap 

Mallory and Shannon





Minnie and Wash

and also,
Happy Birthday Gracyn!!

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