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Breathe was first performed in Nashville last summer, with four unique showings. The work gently drew our community into self-discovery and opened the door for guests to see the value and beauty of their own mind. After the show, viewers were provided various resources in the community to continue their journey to self-care and healing, including future dates for Numinous Flux movement workshops. 

Photo by Caleb Chandler

New Opportunity | Overseas

We believe the message of Breathe transcends hearts and cultures, so when a local in the seaside village of Greystones, Ireland (just outside of Dublin) was impacted by the heart of Breathe and invited Numinous to bring our work overseas, we said yes! The location is serendipitous, as much influence for Laura Valentine's work derives from her Irish roots. We are thrilled to say we will be presenting Breathe at the magnificent 800 Acre estate, Killruddery, in early September. 


The Venue | Killruddery 

Killruddery is a sight to behold. The stunning estate also occupies a sustainable, bio-diverse farm, flowering woodland, painterly formal 17th century gardens with its origin dating back to the 15th century. We have been invited by the family, Earl and Countess of Meath, Lord and Lady Ardee and the Brabason to be a part of their Autumn presentations. Guests from all over Europe come to enjoy the estate by walking the lands, touring the home, and attending the events that align with the heart of the family. We are honored to be a part of this story that has continued to unfold over the last 400 years and be able to dance upon the land that holds such history.

To read more about the history, click here.

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